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United Kingdom


Daniel Carnio

Founder of and CEO at Oeno (London, UK)

Entrepreneur and investor. Creator and developer of one of the greatest wine investment strategies for collectors and wineries.

Daniel Carnio was born in the world of wine, taking his first sip aged six and helping with his grandfather’s vineyards’ grape harvests. After studying oenology with Mario Fregoni, Carnio made wine with the great late Gianfranco Soldra, worked as a sommelier at Michelin-starred restaurants and started his first fine wine investment company before turning 30. Today, Carnio’s encyclopaedic knowledge of wine and his exceptional industry contacts are an invaluable asset for the Oeno family. 

The Oeno family has been revolutionising the wine market since 2015, bringing a breath of fresh air to the world of wine investment and fine wine trading. OenoFuture is the family’s acclaimed investment service, which offers unparalleled portfolio management. Daniel Carnio’s exceptional investment knowledge and expertise yield market-beating profits, placing him at the cutting-edge of a fast-paced industry. 

Daniel Carnio




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