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François Chartier

Creator of harmonies. Chartier LAB Barcelona

Based in Barcelona since 2016, the Canadian François Chartier is recognised as the greatest flavour expert on the planet.

Creator of harmonies, researcher, consultant, cook, speaker, professor and the World’s Best Sommelier in 1994 (Grand Prix Sopexa), Chartier is also the author of gastronomic bibles, such as the famous Le Chartier guide, À table avec François Chartier and Taste Buds and Molecules, considered to be the best book in the world on pairings.

As a consultant, he has helped the world’s best chefs and world-renowned food companies to perfect what they offer, among them are: Ferran Adrià, Andoni Aduriz, Nandu Jubany, Damm, D.O. Cava and Hermanos Torres. He uses his extensive knowledge to create flavours inspired by the science of Molecular Harmonies, which he came up with in 2004.

In association with the Tanaka Shuzo Sake Brewery, one of the oldest and most prestigious producers in Japan, he uses his in-depth scientific knowledge – hand in hand with his vast experience in blending – to develop and create his first line of sakes, TANAKA 1789 X CHARTIER, which is now available in more than 15 countries, including Spain.

François Chartier




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