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Ekaterina Alekhina (Rozhkova)

Chef at Biologie (Ilyinskoye, Moscow, Russia)

Ekaterina Alekhina takes a scientific approach to gastronomy. From this perspective, she brings together three biological realms: animal, plant, and fungi and bacteria.

Having studied graphic design, architecture and sociology, Ekaterina Alekhina (Rozhkova) found yet another great passion in cooking. She has been working in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years now, from her first project -- Linderhof – to her current restaurant – Biologie. During her studies at the Ragout school of cooking in Moscow, she got a job at a small café called Copteam. This was followed by a series of other projects and some experience abroad, including a stint at Arzak, in San Sebastian. Today she is the owner and executive chef of Biologie in Moscow, which serves seasonal food with a strong connection to the natural realm.

Alehina is also a great lover of Japan’s culture – she is studying Japanese --, as well as its cuisine and its approach to ingredients. This reverence for ingredients has also made her a faithful follower of sustainability principles.

Ekaterina Alekhina (Rozhkova)




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