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Marcela Jojoa

Sous chef at Naturalia (La Cocha, Nariño, Colombia)

A traditional cook and very well-versed in the gastronomy of the Quillasinga people, she is – together with Aníbal Criollo – the other half of Naturalia.

Marcela is a professionally trained chef and studied cooking at the SENA vocational institute, but in addition she is extremely knowledgeable about the culinary ways of the Quillasinga women. An authority on the skills and aspects of the hospitality and gastronomy of this indigenous people, Jojoa uses the ingredients and seasonings of traditional recipes to skilfully present and apply aesthetics and ritual elements to dishes, while also bringing innovation to a cuisine based on her roots and heritage.

She was named Best Young Cook in the Pacific Region and in Colombia in 2019 at the La Barra Awards, and took part in the cooking demonstration on traditional cuisine at Madrid Fusión Bogotá that same year. She also runs courses for women and children to teach them the techniques and cuisines of the Quillasinga people so that these ways will not be lost.

Marcela Jojoa




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