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Pablo González Conejero

Chef at Cabaña Buenavista** (El Palmar-Murcia, Spain)

For Pablo González Conejero cooking means flavours, and it is the power of flavours that characterises his dishes.

After working at many restaurants all over Spain, González Conejero returned to his homeland of Murcia, where he began to forge his own personal gastronomic style that would eventually become the Cabaña Buenavista restaurant. This is not just any restaurant as it is the only one in the region to have two Michelin stars. It is a symbol, as well as the recognition, of Murcian cuisine. T

hanks to his wonderful spirit when it comes to creating settings, he is well known for his genius for organising weddings and important events. But despite the playfulness, there is depth to everything: Murcian flavours, well-executed dishes, etc. In a nutshell, flavoursome cooking is one of the principal attributes with which González Conejero endows his creations.

Pablo González Conejero




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