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Alan Geaam

Chef at Alan Geaam* (Paris, France)

His dishes combine the bounteous heritage of French cooking with hints of his homeland, Lebanon.

Alan Geaam, who inherited a passion for cooking from his mother, discovered French food via TV shows and books, and taught himself how to move around a kitchen. 

After initially working as a cook while doing military service, Alan Geaam set off for France to try his luck, starting out in the construction sector and as a dishwasher in a restaurant. When the chef at the restaurant injured himself, Alan took charge of the kitchen. From that moment, his interest grew and he went on to acquire additional skills. 

Geaam now owns two restaurants in Paris: Auberge Nicolas Flamel, serving traditional French cuisine with a modern twist; and his eponymous establishment Alan Geaam, which has become an haute-cuisine benchmark. 

Alan Geaam




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