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Diego Rossi

Chef at Trippa (Milan, Italy)

Rossi, who shuns glitz and glamour, has a cult following thanks to his approach to the most popular and humble of Italian culinary traditions. He works creatively and with the core concept that nothing gets thrown away in his kitchen.

Rossi is from the region of Verona, where he absorbed the importance of farming and country life. After training as a chef, he worked in various restaurants, such as St. Hubertus with Norbert Niederkofer, Delle Antiche Contrade in Cuneo, and at a boutique hotel in Bolzano. Finally, determined to open his own restaurant, he arrived in Milan where the only face familiar was that of Pietro Caroli, a food blogger working for a multinational company who he had met when working in Cuneo. He would become the other half of Trippa, the trattoria that has revolutionised Milan. 

At Trippa, Rossi not only advocates using local produce – also known as km-0 produce – but goes beyond that and champions zero waste. By making the most of every part of every ingredient, Trippa has become a benchmark on how to use offal, but their dishes are also graced with forgotten vegetables and produce that has barely been processed, food that is reminiscent of bygone traditions. 

He has also recently opened a second eatery in Milan called l’osteria Alla Concorrenza, a restaurant in line with his love for popular food. 

Diego Rossi




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