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First edition of an Award for Sustainibility


The aim of this award is to find the most sustainable project related to the world of gastronomy that takes into account the sustainable development goals of the UN's 2030 agenda. The winner will be chosen at Madrid Fusión 2021 by a jury panel made up of experts from the gastronomic and food sectors. 

A new award will be introduced at Madrid Fusión, the great international gastronomy event that will hold its 19th edition at IFEMA from 31 May to 2 June and which, for the first time ever, congress-goers will be able to attend in person or online by watching the presentations from anywhere in the world via its dynamic digital platform.

It will be an edition marked by the challenges that the sector is having to face as a result of the pandemic and which has entailed a wake-up call for social and environmental awareness.

Most of the presentations will focus on circular gastronomy, in other words, healthy cooking, making the most of ingredients, reducing environmental impact and being respectful and responsible when it comes to production. Talks will be given by Spanish and international figures of great renown.

This sustainability award is sponsored by Aquanaria, a pioneering company in the Spanish open-sea aquaculture sector. Although it was set up in 1973, in 1989 it was moved to the Canary Islands – a biodiverse marine paradise – in search of the ideal ecosystem for sea bass: the clean, surging and oxygen-rich waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Aquanaria, whose produce is served on the tables of the best restaurants around the world, offers a sustainable alternative to wild sea bass, a fish whose numbers across Europe are in decline. The idea behind this award is to recognise projects that share this same philosophy. 

Any project that can show that principles of sustainability are part of their business philosophy is eligible to apply. The award will include a donation to an NGO committed to a sustainable development objective that will be chosen by the winner.

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