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Six finalists will compete for the 2021 Upcoming Pastry-Chef Award


Once again, the Madrid Fusión team has chosen the finalists who will compete for the 4th Upcoming Pastry-Chef Award, organised by Síbari Food. To be held at our next congress, this competition aims to stimulate and highlight the great work done in Spain by the best professionals of the ‘sweet universe’, and is one of the greatest recognitions they can receive in their careers. 

Choosing the finalists was not easy. Originality and technical perfection of the work they do in their respective workplaces, restaurants and pâtisseries were taken into account.

The grand finale will be held on Monday, 31 May 2021, on the multi-purpose stage at Madrid Fusión 2021.

To make their desserts, participants will have at their disposal some of the most recognised pastry-making ingredients in the world, distributed in Spain by Síbari Food: Elle & Vire, Andros Chef, Sarrate, Panamar.

The 2021 finalists

Carmen Capote. Pastelería 24 Onzas (Madrid)

From the island of La Palma, her mastery of chocolate is particularly refined. After obtaining a Diploma in Pastry-making from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, she worked with the pastry-making brigade for the President of France, and also at L’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon. She has two small shops in Madrid (24 Onzas) selling sweets, truffles and ice cream. Collections that change every season.

Gemma López. Refectorio, Abadía de Retuerta (Sardón del Duero, Valladolid)

A young pâtissier who turns restaurant desserts into a special occasion. She works with the restaurant brigade at Refectorio (1 Michelin star) in the Hotel Abadía de Retuerta in Ribera del Duero. Her iced chamomile cream, honey semifreddo with pollen sponge, and her walnut sponge with salted toffee reach unexpected heights. Working in tandem with the other cooks, she is both technical and creative.

Estela Gutiérrez. Estela Hojaldre. Obrador de Pastelería (Madrid) 

A master of puff pastry like few others in Spain. A veritable expert, she has brought the traditional puff pastries of Cantabria to Madrid. She learned the trade from her father at Pastelería Pedro Gutiérrez in Cabezón de la Sal, a village that shares this speciality with Torrelavega. At her pâtisserie in Madrid she makes diabluras. Her croissants, chocolate palmiers and puff pastries stuffed with pastry cream are positively addictive. 

Fátima Gismero. Pastelería Panadería Fátima Gismero (Pioz, Guadalajara)

After studying at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona and working with great pastry chefs, including Jordi Roca, she returned to the family pâtisserie in Pioz (Guadalajara), 57 kilometres from Madrid. Now famous, many customers make a pilgrimage there on the weekends. Her sweets made with honey from La Alcarria, her tea biscuits, her cookies, and above all her biscuits and salted almond nougat reach unexpected heights. She is also working on making healthy sweets using fruit and without added sugar.  

Pablo Queijo.Restaurante Viú Espacio Gastronómico (Barbate, Cádiz)

Starting out in the world of pastry-making at the age of 14, he worked at small family-run pâtisseries in Jerez. He learned all about Arabic pastry-making in Cueta before becoming head pâtissier for Ángel León at Aponiente. In Barcelona, he worked for the pâtissier Oriol Balaguer, and now works with Juan Viú at Viú espacio Gastronómico. His classic desserts based on French tradition are infused with Andalusian passion.   

Álvaro Rodríguez Seda. Restaurante Santerra (Madrid)

A graphic designer who was attracted by gastronomy and the world of sweets. He studied at the Restaurante Escuela de Cocina Camba before doing an internship at the restaurant Arce, and then landing at the Restaurante Santerra. His head bubbles with many ideas, visits to restaurants and hours exchanging thoughts with Miguel Carretero. Although he didn’t study formally, he is very technical. He feels free to compose and make harmonious creations that are anything but conventional. His desserts amaze.




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