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Noma and the heroes of the pandemic

José Carlos Capel


If circumstances allow it, the restaurant NOMA will reopen its doors in Copenhagen this coming June. 

And, as they have done every season, René Redzepi and his team have been working on the new menu and its ingredients for a while. 

This time, however, the circumstances are different. Everyone in the large family that makes up the team is aware that they can’t open without reflecting on the events that have occurred this past year, and on the serious problems – both professional and personal – that have beset us. The NOMA team has unanimously decided to do something for those they hail as heroes of the pandemic. 

Their aim is for people all over the world to nominate someone whose has done something that has made a difference during these difficult months, either in their immediate surroundings, their city or their region. They emphasise that all actions, whether great or small, are valid as long as they have been done honestly and with courage, from helping to prepare meals to being a nurse on a Covid-19 ward. 

The NOMA team will prepare a special dinner for the 100 people chosen. ‘We’ll cook for them and invite them for dinner on the house here at NOMA. It’s the best way we can show them our thanks and appreciation,’ they acknowledge. The first day has been set aside for local Danish heroes. Shortly after, they will hold a grand lunch for international heroes, assuming it will be possible to travel and there will be some flexibility when it comes to making reservations. 

René Redzepi has asked me to use Madrid Fusión as a platform to give this idea visibility. It is something I am absolutely delighted to do. He reminded me that anyone can vote and put names forward via the website that has been expressly designed for this purpose:

Its dissemination on social media will be done this coming weekend. Votes must be sent in not later than 1 April. 

‘Nominate your hero of the pandemic!’ they chant with the enthusiasm of those who wish to celebrate this imminent return to normality which, although feels far off, also seems ever closer.    





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