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The 1st National Cooking with Mojos contest has already its finalists


Coinciding with the 19th International Summit on Gastronomy, Tenerife and Madrid Fusión have joined hands to organise the first edition of the National Cooking with Mojos Contest, Harmonised with Wine from Tenerife, whose aim is to introduce the wide-ranging, colourful and versatile world of mojos to the whole of Spain.

6 finalists have been chosen from the over 20 recipes received from all over the country, and they will present their Best Mojo recipe and their Best Dish with Mojo, Harmonised with Wine from Tenerife:

Jonay Hernández, restaurant La Vieja (Mallorca)

Carlos Mesa Pérez, restaurant Muelle Viejo (Tenerife)

Jorge Bosch, restaurant La Bola (Tenerife)

David González Fernández, restaurant Kamin (León)

Ria Jahnke, restaurant Atocha 107 (Madrid)

Juan David Couñago Freire, restaurant Malasangre Food and Club (Vigo)

The judging panel, made up of professionals from the world of gastronomy and food journalism, will announce the winner of the Best Mojo and the Best Dish with Mojo, Paired with Wine from Tenerife on Wednesday, 2 June 2021.






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