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WCK to present its disaster relief training project


José Andrés' NOG  will reveal all the keys to a new training plan that is unique in the world.

The non-profit organisation World Central Kitchen, led by chef José Andrés together with Javier García, will present at Madrid Fusión 2021 a training project to provide a rapid response in the event of disasters to the solidarity food initiatives in which this NGO participates worldwide. Initiatives aimed at helping the most vulnerable and which have already proved their efficiency in situations such as the threat of Covid-19 in more than 40 US cities, as well as in many other parts of the world, such as Japan, when thousands of people were trapped on the Diamond Press cruise ship, or in Spain, where this social gastronomic movement landed last spring with the support of chefs and other people from the hotel and catering sector.

All the experience and knowledge accumulated in these campaigns on how to produce and distribute meals to the neediest in a safe and efficient environment is added to that acquired in responding to situations of food shortages after natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes or tsunamis in which World Central Kitchen already offered its collaboration. With all this background, this organisation has developed a great training plan unique in the world as a disaster relief strategy that will be presented at the next edition of Madrid Fusión under the name of Chefs Relief Training.

World Central Kitchen's latest intervention has taken place in recent weeks in which, with the collaboration of local restaurants, it is working to assist and provide food to the most disadvantaged sectors of Texas that have been affected by the winter storm that put much of the United States in check. The intense snowstorms that have affected more than 100 million Americans were particularly intense in the Texas area, where there have been nightmarish scenes of no power, no running water and collapsed roads. In this situation, the most disadvantaged families in the area have found it most difficult to access food, which is why chef José Andrés' organisation, World Central Kitchen, activated its collaboration mechanisms with local restaurateurs to feed these sectors. As usual, the response from the sector has not been long in coming and in less than a week more than 2,000 meals have already been distributed.





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